How to load the dishwasher! Who knew.....

We have all been living in the quarantine bubble, which means most of us have been cooking more than usual. So there have been more than the usual number of dirty dishes!!! If you are like me than you hate having your sink full of those mentioned dirty dishes!!! Thank goodness for dishwashers!!! Now the question is how to load that thing for maximum capacity and cleanliness!!! It seems everyone has an opinion on the proper way to load the dishwasher. Who knew that how you load your dishes would cause such a passionate response. There are so many opinions on how to load the silverware (handle up or down), which rack to place the snap ware/bowls, do you rinse before or not…the discussions are endless!

Here is a link that talks about the proper way to load your dishwasher - enjoy and discuss with passion!! Being a huge Ozarks fan, I now read my consumer reports - thanks Marty!!!\

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